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    Schedule Distro Packages via CMD or Powershell

    turnerdanielt Rookie

      To deploy software to PCs within my environment I have always used the LANDESK Management Console GUI to schedule a task for any software listed under "Distribution Packages" such as below image. This requires logging into the server, scheduling a distribution package and then choosing the PC.

      I am looking for a way to schedule a task from command line, powershell, vbs, etc from a workstation that will reach out to the server and create a scheduled task to start the install for audit


      My end goal is so that IT employee who is imaging a PC can choose which software to install post deployment via checkboxes in a homemade gui. This will allow the deployment to be more agile than just having the apps listed in my Operating System Provisioning Template or needing to login to the server GUI to schedule. I would like to be able to walk through the following steps:

      1. Create a Bare Metal Object in LANDESK Management GUI on the server
      2. Schedule Operating System Provisioning through the GUI on the server
      3. Launch PC via PXE and Deploy OS from Template scheduled in Step 2
      4. PC being Provisioned will prompt user to select software to install via a home made script*/gui (all client side PC)
        1. * This script will then send the needed commands back to the LANDESK server (or web gateway?) to schedule the tasks to start individual distribution packages. The LANDESK Management GUI will show the tasks just as if they were scheduled from the LANDESK Management Console itself.


      All in all I am trying to replicate something very similar to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit which allows you to specify which apps you want to install during a deployment