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    WinPE randomly breaking - No longer loading drivers

    Dubois-King Apprentice

      So despite having touched nothing on our server, out WinPE environment no longer loads drivers.  The interface says "Driver Folder List is empty"


      Now when I go into the Management Console and go to "Manage drivers in Windows PE image" it opens the image just find and lists all the drivers.  So suspecting something got messed up, I backed up the image and replaced the active boot.wim with the backup "clean" boot.wim file we saved back when we rebuilt our boot.wim file.  When using that, it doesn't even attempt to load drivers.  It just runs WinPE init, and then sits at the command line interface doing nothing.  Of course, since there are no keyboard drivers, we can't type anything.  This is extremely frustrating as WinPE seems to break on it's own every 6 months.


      Anyone have any ideas?