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    Package installation at startup/shutdown

    Schroedi Apprentice

      Hello everyone,


      is there any way to distribute packages at startup or shutdown on the client in version 2017.3?


      I'm currently facing this problem:


      We have an Outlook Add-in which needs to get uninstalled before I'm able to install a newer version of the add-in. We are talking about 300+ clients.

      While running the classic uninstaller without Ivanti, there pops up the notice that Outlook needs to be closed while uninstalling. In Ivanti this prombt

      crashes the distribution and the task runs into an error. So I build a small PowerShell script with the command line Kill -Name OUTLOOK -Force -EA SilentlyContinue in it. I put this script

      in the dependent packages into the uninstaller package. This works well. I start the task and Outlook shuts down.


      But I think it's very annoying for our users when I shut down their Outlook session while working time. And I'm not sure how long the uninstall takes for 300+ clients.


      That's why I want to know if there is any way to distribute the uninstaller while booting oder shutting down. It is very important that the uninstaller runs before Outlook starts up.


      Thank's for any advice.