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    Trying to edit character limit on a particular 'comments' field.

    JShadl Rookie




      I am trying to locate this "Comments" field, so that I can edit the character limit.




      In Incident, for our Service Desk Analysts, we have enabled object matching to Knowledge.  While configuring the filters, withing the object matching panel settings within the SDA Layout for incident. 


      I opted to check the box highlighted below (B), this allows the "Feedback" button (C) on the Article View, so that our analysts can provide feedback.  This button launches form above (A), with field that has limit.


      B  C



      I am unable to locate this quick action, as it does not appear to be located on the form.    For example: FRS_Knowledge.Document.ArticleView


      Anybody know where I can extend the character limit on this field?