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    Checking for a condition in a reference list

    afrogers Apprentice

      I have an object called "Attach Invoice" which is part of change management (which we use for procurement) and I have created a relationship to a reference list which contains a list of value brackets, e.g. >£250, 1k - 5K etc. which drives authorisation levels for the invoice.


      I need to use a condition which will bypass authorisation if the value bracket is >£250.  I use the reference list on the main change object to drive authorisations elsewhere in the process and there I created a boolean on the reference list "bypass authorisation", with the condition then driving a decision, which works fine. (see attached condition1)


      However, I can't seem to create a similar condition for the invoice authorisation, it will only let me look for a specific value in the reference list not the boolean (see attached condition2)  That's fine but how do I then use that in the process? The decision needs to come after Authorised? = Yes (see attached process) and then if the value bracket is >£250 to skip the authorsation element and go straight to Assignment at the bottom, if not it should go to the Assignment leading on to Budget Holder approval.