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    HII Driver Assigment

    GabrielV Rookie


      I would like to share my recent experience that I had with HII Driver Assignment.

      We are using Management Suite v.2017.3 in a mix of diffrent hardware, 99% HP machines and we started working on WIndows 10 upgrade.

      The HII Driver Management give us the most trouble on the upgrade process, with a special mention the Intel video drivers not been installed, even that have been assigned.

      I'm aware that many users came accross about this situation.

      The main issue is that the .config files are not downloaded and the driver is unable to be installed and the Basic Display Adapter driver is used instead.

      The fix is extremly simple.

      Check the MIME Types in the IIS Manager and make sure the "*" is added as MIME Type - "application/octet-stream".

      Also make sure the .config extension is allowed on the Request FIltering image11.pngimage10.PNG

      After making this changes, restart the IIS in order to apply the changes.


      The fastest way to indentify the correct driver, in the Search Drivers tab, type the Device ID and the HII Assign will list the available drivers.

      In case the driver is not found, you can download the correct driver form the manufacturer website and copy it in the driver library. Rebuild the library and the driver package will display in the search.


      I hop this will help who ever has this issue and spare from the pain looking for a solution.


      The support was unable to spot this issue for the last almost 4 weeks.