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    Problems with HII (Dell Optiplex 5050 - USB-Driver)

    SirAnton Rookie

      I have a problem with HII on the Dell Optiplex 5050.


      With four out of ten identical computers, the HII ran smoothly.

      Then in provsisioning no USB driver was installed.

      (After aborting, the existing driver on the core could be easily installed)

      Also the driver assignment in the HII-drivermanagement brought no improvement


      Im using Ivanti 2017.3 SU3 (SU5) and i have to use USB-boot - for a variety of reasons

      There are ten identical computers, no changes were made to the template or the driver location or otherwise, the drivers are the same from the beginning. 


      The log files from the HII and Provisioning show that all required drivers were successfully copied to C:\Windows\LDDriverStore\DELL_Optiplex_5050\chipssatz\...

      BUT the driver was missing.


      Before the step HII in the provisionig template, I now manually copy the USB driver to C:\Windows\LDDriverStore\chipset\...

      It is no longer HII, but I can finish the provisioning    


      Does anyone have an idea what this may be?

      and how to fix it?

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          Kelton SupportEmployee

          We probably want to look at the windir/inf/setupapi.offline.log after the HII step to see what the error was when it tried to inject the USB driver. We use a DISM command to place the drivers in the INF folder so we will be able to get more information with that log. You will want to make sure that the "bad" driver is assigned in HII for this model.