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    Ivanti EPM 2018.1 - Am I losing it?

    RobLent Specialist

      I have donwloaded 2018.1 to try out I my LAB.


      Built a new server and started teh installation of 2018.1.


      Pre-requisites go trhough and tell me that I need to remove all non-self signed certificates from the Truste Root store.  (This seems a bit harsh but I did it anyway)


      Carry on with pre-req checks and IIS needs to be installed.  Click to allow the installer to install and configure IIS as required.  It fails.


      Why does it fail?  Because I removed al lthe non-self signed certificates from the Trusted Root Store so Microsoft does not trust itself anymore.


      This can't be right can it?  I have not know any software requiring us to remove al lthe trusted Root Certs other than its own.

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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          So when you remove the certs did you follow this guidance or just remove it all?

          Non-self-signed certs being found in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities


          Due to possible GPOs or other settings, non-self-signed certs may be found in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities. This can still happen after LDMS 2016 has been installed. To fix this error, the non-self-signed certificate(s) will need to be removed:


          1. On the core server, click the start button and type in certmgr.msc. This will launch the Certificate Manager.
          2. Expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities - Certificates.
          3. In the right-hand window, the core certificates will be listed. The problem being caused is a certificate in here where the name in the "Issued To" column doesn't match the name found in the "Issued By" column. Screenshot below doesn't have an example of a error causing certificate, but is included to give user an idea of what the window should like.
          4. Either move the mismatched certificate to the Personal folder or delete certificate.

          Its from this doc: Certificate Manager - Non-Self-Signed Certs & Missing Certs


          Also looks in the error log and see what exactly failed and you can add the log to this discussion as well if you want. Believe the log is in C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\ManagementSuite\Install\##.#\log\

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            RobLent Specialist

            Thanks for the quick reply Joe,


            As I said 'Am I losing it' and it seems I probably am.


            Looking at the server it looks like I deletec all of them other than the Ivanti ones and a few others.  Duh.


            Thanks for the clarification.