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    Firewall question - strange


      I am implementing the Host Intrusion Protection System(HIPS) firewall from mcafee.   I seemingly have quite a few things open to allow LANDesk to communicate

      msgsyswith my clients.  However when trying to go remote, the remote icon won't show in the device list.  If I perform a refresh on the device list and attempt to connect before the device list recognizes that remote control is "unavailable", I am able to connect remotely, but if I just look at the list, the binoculars will show, but the remote icon will not show.


      What process/port/etc could possibly be blocked that allows you to "Connect" if you fool the device list, but in its default state, won't show the remote icon next to the device.


      A snapshot of the ports and programs I have open to the servers are as follows:

      localsch.exe (TCP) ports 1024-65535

      issuser.exe (TCP)1024-65535

      residentagent.exe (TCP/UDP) 1024-65535

      msgsys.exe (TCP) 1024-65535

      pds.exe (UDP) 1024-65535

      tmcsvc.exe (TCP) 1024-65535

      http port 80

      Local Network Port 1761

      TCP/UDP Port 9535


      Allow all local in/out traffic for




      What am I missing?