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    New Employee Service Request

    Dan_Mills Apprentice



      I'm looking at expanding on our New Starter Process.


      The first step is the form being completed on the Service Catalog by the Requesting manager.


      This is then going to send an approval request to HR for them to authorise it being set up with all the info.


      What im struggling with is if the Approval is Rejected, pending further information, how do I get that information recorded back in to the service request?


      Eg. Request states Job Title but its incorrect as per HRs system.


      HR would reject it stating "Job title incorrect"


      I'd then want an email going to the manager asking for the correct title, they complete it (somewhere?) and then the Requst gets updated.


      The issue is that the managers won't have access to the Service Request BO only Self Service/email. We wouldn't want a new SrvRq raised so is there any way of transferring the date to the existing request?


      Or any other way of doing it?



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          IJU Specialist

          Hi Dan,


          if you were using an XSLT <--> XML email listener for your new Incidents you could add a new case to the XSLT file to also map emails to Service Requests. This way you would be able to get the needed information out of an email.


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