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    How to change WinPE Desktop Graphical Resolution

    Martin.Hejnar Rookie

      When a PC PXE boots and acquires the WinPE image, the resolution of the WinPE desktop appears to 640x480.  Is there a way to change this so that is 800x600 without having to install the appropriate drivers for the graphics card?  The default vga driver that Windows uses in my experience allows 800x600 resolution for virtually every graphics card in existence.  Having to run at 640x480, results in the imagew.exe program window being too big for the screen and we cannot see the whole window during the process of imaging a PC and have to move the window around.  Having 800x600 would allow the imagew.exe window to fit on the screen.  Or is there a way to scale the imagew.exe window based on the 640x480 resolution?