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    Display seconds value on date/time fields

    vee Specialist

      Hi All,


      Hopefully a simple one! How do I display the seconds value on date/time fields:


      I thought I'd just chuck a label on the form and us the $(FormatDate()) function, but doing that gives me the below:


      Any ideas?

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          Kevin.Fenley SupportEmployee

          Hi Vee,


          I'm looking into the 'undefined function' error FormatDate is giving in that context; I get the same thing 'out of the box'.


          As a workaround for anyone else looking, you can use a business rule or quick action to write the value of a date field to a separate text field using the expression $(FormatDate(CreatedDateTime, "dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss")) (for example) and it formats and displays properly. This does require creating a new field to hold the display value though.

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