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    Go daddy vPro certificate setup guide

    meltdowner Apprentice

      I'm having a painfully difficult time trying to find a document, which I've used before, that explains the steps required to install a godaddy vpro certificate into landesk.


      This site... is horrendous.

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          meltdowner - I wouldn't go as far as stating this site is horrendous but there are certain things that are not overly documented. vPro is one of those things that I don't find a lot of customers leveraging but I have done extensive work with it. Take a look at the link below where I had uploaded the Intel document on this. It's very old but should still be relevant.


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            meltdowner Apprentice

            Well I disagree on the horrendous aspect but that is the document I was looking for.  Funny, I had found this about 2 hours and talked to LANDESk support about getting it added/updated to their standard support documentation for vPro.  I said to myself "thank you ... LANDESK WIZARD! from 2008"


            Since you have done extensive work on it, currently GoDaddy keeps screwing up the cert.  First they didn't have the proper EKI.  Now they did not specify OU and the thumbprint isn't correct for an Intel vPro key.


            How can I get GoDaddy to create these properly?  Threats?