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    Landesk Service Desk V7.4 Virus Exclusion List

    Jo_Nic Rookie



      We've changed our anti virus software and the LDSD servers seem to be running slower and occasionally crashing.  We are running an old version of service desk which is


      Does anyone know what anti virus exclusions we may need to add?




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          lukasz.krupinski SupportEmployee

          If Service Desk and antivirus software is installed on the same physical machine, it might simply be the applications competing for resources like CPU and memory, resulting in lower performance.

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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            Perhaps also monitor the system in the AV console concerned if you can as that might show you the files from Service Desk that are being regularly scanned but I agree with Lukasz you make want the look at bumping up resources too if this is an additional application that has recently been added.  Back to the matter in hand, if you are using webaccess then any dashboard pie or barchart is first rendered as an image in a temp folder on the server before being posted to the webaccess dashboard gadget so maybe these temp folders should be added to exclusions list if you are seeing heavy screening in this area.



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