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    How do I get a scheduled task to run even when the target is switched off?


      I have created a great little Wake-on-LAN script that can target a device on any subnet and wake it up.


      It works a treat when I trigger it manually. It even works fine when I run it through a LANDesk scheduled task - I can detect the Magic Packets arriving at my workstation with a sniffer. The problem is that when I turn my workstation off and try to wake it up LANDesk reports that the target is 'off' and that it 'cannot find agent', so it doesn't attempt to run the script against my machine.


      All of this is true of course - the agent is indeed off, but the only task in the script is a LOCEXEC (i.e. it is run on the core and not on the workstation) so the fact that the target is off isn't relevant.


      Does anybody know how to force LANDesk to run the scheduled task even though the target is off?


      I'm running 8.8 SP3.