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    Rollout Projects - Met success Criteria

    GaryOco Apprentice



      We're an on-prem customer (recently upgraded to 2018.1 - but issue seen in 2017.3), and I'm trying to get to grips with patch deployments via rollout projects. The only issue/question I really have is that no matter how I configure the project the "Met success criteria" never gets to 80% (my minimum for the next step). Regardless of how many patches I have, or how many targets. In fact more often than not I don't get any progress.


      I'm currently working on deploying the latest VLC patch which is working, the endpoints are updating but not reporting back to the project. The deployment task is showing accurately at 100% but there's no progress on the project.


      Without posting my whole project and steps, is there anything obvious I should be doing? Is there anything I've missed in the documents about how the status is reported back to the project>