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    list of users




      I am using LanDeskServicedesk 7.2.3


      Could someone advise me on how to generate a report of already imported and active users.

      ( Active users are the users you would see listed by selecting the following options:  Administration - Then from the user User Management pane - Expand users and then end users)


      I know how ro produce a report of users in active directory - but I would like the above report so that I can compare them and identify users who are no longer in AD but are still retained in service desk


      Thanks in Advance - Paul Trewin

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          hi Paul,


          we are currently on 7.2.6 but can retrieve this data with the following script using sql 2005 as our platform but similar can be used no matter what reporting tool you might have






          * from tps_user



          tps_user_type_guid = (select tps_guid from tps_user_type where tps_name = 'EndUser')



          tps_deleted = 0


          note that the * will retun all records and you will need to be specific about the field that you use that contains your End users names.


          Dave Gaughran






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            aparker Employee

            This should be able to be done using the query tool in product rather than SQL. Just remember to tick the show delete flag when building the query.