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    Schedule Entry create SR & invoke workflow

    BradS Rookie

      Hi All, we're working on scheduling a daily SR for our Service Desk early shift checks (in heat).


      We have the Service Offering created with a basic workflow and also the RECIDs for the Offering template and Request subscription.


      Aim is to have the Schedule Entry run daily at 6am ( this works) and create the SR & have it's workflow fire to assign to Service Desk, create the tasks for the checks etc.


      Looking for help on the simplest/easiest way to create the SR...  Current method is a workflow against the Schedule Entry object calling a webservice quickaction to create the SR.


      Issue/question is how do we automatically invoke the SR's workflow?



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          TomTheiler Apprentice

          We have built it like this:


          • Create a Workflow in BO ScheduleEntry
          • Trigger is your created Schedule on 6am
          • In Workflow Create Object Parameter (Select Object Type Service Request)
          • In Field Customer you need to enter a RecID from an External Contact or Employee
          • You have to reffer to a Service Request Template in SvcReqSubscLink and SvcReqTmplLink




          Hope this helps...


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            BradS Rookie

            Thanks Tom, managed to get it working as far as creating the SR.


            Issue now is the SR workflow doesn't trigger until someone updates the SR (eg takes ownership)


            Tried inserting an 'Invoke Workflow' block but the SR workflow isn't appearing in the pick list...


            How do we trigger the SR workflow to run automatically?




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              florian1 Expert

              This isn't possible yet as far as I know.

              You will have to manually create a Workflow in the SR business object instead of using the Request offering's workflow and configure a trigger in there:

              If you only create this Service Request by schedule you can also disable the Request Offering's workflow.