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    How to delete a distribution package



      I have created a distribution package (EXE) with a specific name for Office 2007


      After doing some testing and reading a lot of stuff on it I went ahead and replaced it with a batch file distribution package, and I want to give it the same name becasue of the strict naming convention we have for packages, after of cause deleting the original package


      Turns out when I create and save the package I get an error message:

      "Due to the following issues, the distribution package could not be saved:

      Another package already has the samename."


      After a while I see my inital package (the EXE one) re-appearing iunder my distribution packages. For some reason it did not get fully deleted from the system


      Before I call support any one has an idea what's happening here ? I tried to look in the Management Suite folder for some files that could reference my distribution packages but no luck


      Any clue as of how to get this simple action to work would be a saver :-)


      Thank in advance




      PS: I am running LANDesk 8.8 SP2A

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          Jason SupportEmployee

          Go into All Distrubution Packages and delete it from there.

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            zman Master

            Probably because you have a scheduled task using the package. Delete the scheduled task and then delete the distribution package.

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              None of the above


              I do not have a scheduled task referencing it and It is not in "All Distribution Packages"


              When I right-click though it does not say "delete' it says "remove"


              I mean for now I have renamed the original that comes back to a weird name and renamed the target package as I want as a workaround but I am still stuck with this package that I cannot delete


              I was wondering if like scripts, the distribution packages are represented by an .ini or .xml file to define them. Maybe deleting these files could help ?


              Thanks for the quick replies by the way



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                zman Master

                You can only delete from All Distribution Packages, Have you tried hit refresh F5?

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                  I'm having the same issue... Check all users, all sched tasks, all dist packages, and nothing.  Can't seem to find the original dist pkg that's causing this problem.


                  Any other suggestions?

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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee

                    My money would be that there's something in the database that MAY not show up via the UI -- usually the way with these things.


                    Usually also means that this needs to be fixed via SQL.


                    If you're NOT confident with SQL (or what to do), I'd suggest you make a (compressed) backup of your DB, upload it to our FTP and log a support call (and we'll have a peek from there).


                    If you're happy to run SQL yourself, backup yoru DB and restore it into your test-lab, and hack away at it there. The question at this point becomes how confident you are with SQL in general, and how familiar you are with what you're looking at (and what version of LANdesk do you use?).


                    1 - BEING UNABLE TO CREATE A PACKAGE (due to name conflict):


                    This SQL should help you along the way:


                    select * from PACKAGE order by NAME, CONSOLEUSER_IDN



                    This lists ALL the packages (since I didn't know what package you're looking for) alphabetically, and by ownership. The Ownership (CONSOLEUSER_IDN) can be resolved by looking up the relevant CONSOLEUSER_IDN in the CONSOLEUSER table.


                    That should be normally sufficient to get things rolling (you can also rename the package in the database


                    NOTE -- this does *NOT* necessarily tell you WHERE that package is (if someone uses groups), but in general, knowing WHO owns a package is sufficient. If finding "where it is" becomes necessary, say so, and I'll try to help with that a bit as wlel.


                    A fancier version of this SQL would be:


                    select p.NAME, p.DESCRIPTION, cu.USERNAME

                    from PACKAGE p, CONSOLEUSER cu

                    where cu.CONSOLEUSER_IDN=p.CONSOLEUSER_IDN


                    order by p.NAME, cu.CONSOLEUSER_IDN



                    This is the "basic" version of this.  It would be possible to tie this in custom package groups, but this would make the SQL a *LOT* longer - normally the above should suffice .


                    (This SQL should work both in Oracle and SQL Server / MSDE, since I've used capitals).


                    - Paul Hoffmann

                    LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead