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    When to archive vs delete?

    wynnb Specialist

      Wondering what the best practice is, if there is one, for how to treat device inventory records when a device is decommissioned. Under what circumstance would I archive a device, and when should I just delete it?

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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee

          Hello Bryan,


          Here is a quick explanation of the two:


          Archiving a device will remove the device from inventory and place its record into asset control. This allows you to keep the last reported inventory data of the machine but it won't consume a license count. This allows you to maintain historical data about an asset in case you plan to reimage the device. Be aware that the asset control tables are separate from the inventory tables. If you archive a machine and reimage it, you will see records in both tables. 


          Deleting a device from inventory will completely delete it's record from the database until it submits another inventory scan. Sometimes deleting the device from the console is used by support to help troubleshoot issues by refreshing/resyncing the data from the device if the database isn't updating. If you wiped the device and are planning to recycle/sell it, this would be the option to choose.


          Which option to choose to based on your companies need and goal.


          I hope this helps.




          Chris Casity

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            gregory.berroa SupportEmployee

            Hi Bryan,


            Best practice would be to configure inventory to automatically remove old device records that have not been updated in a certain amount of days.


            The following document shows the steps:

            How to automatically delete old inventory records


            Best Regards,



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              wynnb Specialist

              Thanks Chris, that does help.

              If a device is archived to Asset Control, does its software still show in the SLM module?


              Sounds like if we are getting rid of a device, or are planning to wipe/reload it, we should delete it. Archiving might only be useful in cases where we needed to retain a record of what was on that device.

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                wynnb Specialist

                Thanks Greg,


                We thought about that, in fact we already have a process in place that removes machines from AD if they haven't connected to the network in 45 days. However, we didn't want to do that with inventory because the fact that it hasn't connected/reported in a while doesn't mean we don't still own it.


                The AD deletion is really more to deal with machines that are out of compliance for patching, etc. If a user has a laptop at home, for instance, but they don't use it and it gets dropped, they are forced to bring it in so we can get it back on the network and patched. In cases like that, we still need to know that it exists, so we need to keep it in inventory.

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                  Casity.chris SupportEmployee

                  Hey Bryan,


                  Asset control does not report software usage to SLM. SLM parses the inventory tables and pulls the data into its own SLM tables. Asset control is not parsed during this process.


                  You are right, archiving is only useful if you would like to retain the last inventory record from that device for historical reporting.




                  Chris Casity

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