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    Unable to Apply Mobile Compliance Setting

    BryanNg Apprentice


      Currently I'm doing testing on the Mobility features, I've setup my device to Device Owner Mode and have successfully enroll the device. I did manage to change the Mobile Security and Connectivity Setting to the pilot mobile device.

      But for the Mobile Compliance setting, I've scheduled a change settings and stated successful. When i check the pilot mobile inventory (Screenshot below), there's no Mobile Compliance setting added in. 


      Any idea what when wrong or I've miss something in the configuration?

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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee

          Hello Bryan,


          What is likely happening is the device isn't updating it's inventory after you sent the policy. After you send the policy successfully, be sure to "MobileSync" the device and refresh the console when it completes. Be sure that the "Last updated by Inventory Server" field in the inventory record is being updated.


          If it still doesn't show in inventory but you can see it under the profile settings, you may need to reach out to support for assistance.


          I hope this helps.




          Chris Casity