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    Update Parent with change of Status in Child

    FatihaAhmad Apprentice



      Can anyone advise me on how to update parent with the change of status on the child object?


      For example, if the

      1) Task status = Active, then Incident status = Active,

      2) Task status = Resolved, then Incident status = Pending on Veriification,

      3) Task status = Cancel, then Incident status = Active


      *Task = child object, Incident = parent object                            

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Fatiha,


          Since your mapping is not one to one from the two objects, you can't push the value via the relationship.  This means you'll have to build triggered action(s) that fire on update of Task Status.  Each will need to have a run for child action that would then have an expression that would map from the context (Task) object status to the desired status to set on Incident.


          Does that make sense?


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            scott.phillips SupportEmployee



            You should be able to do this following these basics.  You may need to create more than one Rule on Assignment to accommodate all the status values.


            Login as Administrator.

            Go to Business Objects

            Go to Task.Assignment

            Go to Business Rules

            Add new Trigger

            Name the trigger

            Select On Field Update 'Status' is changed to 'Active’.

            Click Next

            Select Configure New Action

            Select Action: Run for Child

            Click Next

            Select the relationship: IncidentAssocTaskAssignment

            Click 'Add New'

            Add New Update Object.

            Scroll down to the Status Field.

            Enter the Value 'Active'

            Click Save and Save again.



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