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    EPM import to ISM questions

    jpc-jfogal Rookie

      We are a new Ivanti client. Quite happy with the product.


      We are using EPM 2018.1 and ISM 2018.1 - Both On Premise.


      We have set up the import from EPM to ISM to create Workstation CI devices.


      This is where my questions begin:


      1. The import function appears to be an insert from EPM to ISM. I'm not seeing anywhere where if a parameter changes, it successfully updates the CI in ISM with the new data. What am I missing here?


      2. We had the bright idea of deleting a CI to attempt to reimport one of the devices from EPM. Now, no matter what we do, it will not reimport. How do I troubleshoot this? Or, how do I fix this?


      3. Does anybody else link the CI.Workstation to the primary owner on the 2018.x versions of the software? How? The documentation points to fields that are no longer available. I've considered just assigning the devices based on current user; however, when that changes, our import from EPM does not update. (See question 1).


      Thanks guys.

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          jpc-jfogal Rookie

          Additional findings since last night.


          1. It appears there is some placeholder that references EPM's last update date/time and will not import new data (even if deleted). This results in new mappings not updating until after the device has been updated in EPM. That's what we're seeing so far anyway...


          2. The deleted CI was reimported after we ran a full scan on the endpoint in EPM. Per Question 1, this seems to be the fix/workaround.


          3. No idea here still.

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            westy1 Apprentice

            the EPM import mapping works the same as the SCCM mapping, in that it has a last scanned date setting on the integration settings.

            this gets updated to the time of the last import run.

            if you run multiple imports in a row the data generally hasnt been rescanned in the EPM/SCCM system, so it wont get imported.


            you need to set this setting to something far in the past in order to refire a full import.



            you can also amend he form to allow higher max sync run sizes from 20 to 30000 or whatever