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    Request Offering For Mobile Devices

    daniel_tfg Apprentice

      Hi All


      Is there a way to make my request offerings mobile friendly?


      I have configured the Mobile on the layout front end and it is mobile friendly up to the Service Catalogue as seen below:




      BUT when I open a request offering from the service catalgue, it opens the request offering in the desktop view as seen below:






      Is there a way to make request offering forms mobile friendly?  I have had a look at Mobile Layouts in Build, but it doesn't seem to give me the option to add request offering or service catalogue items.


      Documentation isn't helping me much either so I'm turning to the Ivanti oracles again


      Thanks again for any assistance.

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Daniel,


          Currently there's not a lot that is able to be customized in the Self Service Mobile role.  You do have some control over the form in that you can make the offering form more suitable to your small display, but this means it will also be adjusted on your desktop / normal roles also.


          Publishing multiple version of each offering could offer a better experience for all users, but that's a lot of work and can add significant overhead.


          I'd recommend you log a feature request and pitch your best ideas, in detail, to the Product Management team or find an already logged idea that covers your needs.  They are working a lot on improving the mobile interfaces.





          Ivanti Community Ideas Homepage: https://community.ivanti.com/community/enhancementrequests

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