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    Provisionning - Dell optiplex 7060 - don't boot after restarting

    StefVD17 Apprentice



      We receive new Dell optiplex 7060, but we have problem to image them with Landesk 2017.

      I have no problem with others models of Dell (laptop and workstation)



      I have install the good network driver and he start my template without problem.

      the problem is after installig the new OS. The PC restarts, but he don't find the disk and start again on the network



      He makes many tries on 2 PCs  : Disk on AHCI, on Raid, start on UEFI only, start on Legacy, nothing happends correctly.

      On my PC, the Windows Manager Boot disappears f I was on UEFI mode...



      I don't see where the problem is.

      Has someone the same probleme ? How to solve it ?



      Thanks a lot for your comeback