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    How do I configure ISM landscapes to offload SSL handling to the load balancer using 2018.1?

    mbath61 Apprentice

      We have upgraded to 20181.1 to use the ability to offload the SSL handling to the Load Balancer in our production environment. Unfortunately it is unclear how exactly we should configure that.


      Can you point me to the correct part of the documentation. If you decide on a call or WebEx I will need to scheule with my Security and Domain Admins, so anything you can point me to that I can pass on will make this much easier to do as their schedules are understandably jammed.


      We are using the High Availability configuration, without SSL, currently with an outside load balancer, two web servers, another load balancer, and two app servers as our Prod environment.


      My UAT landscape also has an outfacing web server that will need SSL, but that will point directly to a single app server