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      • 15. Re: Release date for Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2018.3?
        carlos Expert

        Just as a note to my fellow comrades, I would wait at least a couple of weeks to upgrade, or and, verify that the feature you use are working 100% fine, in my experience, there are always some issues that start surfacing after a new release, and by Murphy's law, it is what YOU needed. It already happened to me a couple of times.

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          ldms_4mfe Specialist

          I really can't understand that the first clue is always.

          "You should better wait and see"!
          What does that say about the quality of Ivanti EPM development? I don't think, anything good!

          I distribute hundreds of patches and updates for software every week. Some of these updates have a deep impact on the client's operating system. And what happens? Nothing! It runs.


          But what happens if I install an Ivanti update or releases? In the worst case, you are standing in front of a huge pile of broken clients.

          The specified item was not found.

          I've been a customer for several years now and have always "waited" and always done well with it. But if you have serious problems with EPM, Support will always refer you to the updates. And when you install them immediately, everyone asks you: "Why did you install that new patches *head shaking*?


          Instead of always giving EPM Development a carte blanche for bad updates through our reticence, we should insist on getting updates that work!



          Kind regards, Marco

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            five(9)s.GmbH.Support.Account Specialist

            Servus Marco, (Servus is an Bavarian Word for Hello my friend)

            Personally, I think that the quality of "first touch releases" has been really good in recent years.

            Yes, there are differences between service updates and major releases like 2018.3.

            From my point of view, it is NEVER wrong to have a small test environment. Here Ivanti is one of the few manufacturers who do not need any additional licenses or keys herefor.

            Alternatively you have a good partner who is always up to date with the new versions :-) and you always can ask your Consultant.

            Kind Regards Markus

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              ldms_4mfe Specialist

              Hello Markus,

              yes I know, I can ask you if I need help.

              But I'm really tired of it right now. It's always the same game with EPM (LDMS).


              EPM agent or server have dramatic problems, support says install this or that service update.


              What happens? All agents have to be deployed again. (Even if only 5 files have changed. )

              And then, "hey what a surprise" - the bug is still there. The problem starts all over again.


              I just say:

              Issuser.exe (100% CPU)  High CPU Usage by ISSUSER.exe

              tmcsvc.exe (Multicast Storms in the network) Targeted Multicast Client Service Executable - tmcsvc.exe has very high CPU on all clients

              mbbscanner.exe (error message on the user desktop) Re: MBBScanner has stopped working

              Duplicated Device listings (by a mysterious entry in the "dbo.landesk"-table)


              I could live with all that, if there where at least one working simple update mechanism and not always just the answer - REDEPLOY ALL AGENTS

              (yes I know the option via patch manager - and I really like that and used it in the past - But no EPM Consultants that I met trust that thing)


              Regards, Marco

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                nilshh Rookie

                I have experience with EPM and LDMS for 8 years and totally agree with Marco.


                The lag of stability of agents and overall software quality is still painful and does not meet modern standards.


                best regards


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