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    Service Request: Get Vendor information of linked price list item

    Albrjens Rookie

      Hello  again everybody,


      I am slowly diving deeper into working with costs in request offering.


      I know that I am able to link a price list item to an object in the request offering. So far so good.

      But what happens if I have several different products from different vendors.


      Because ordering process for the two vendors A and B are different, I have to check in the workflow wheater the customer has chosen products of  A / A and B or only B.


      My problem is that I don't know exactly how to get to the information of the vendor that is linked to the price list object I linked to the service request object.


      I hope you understand what I am talking about :-)



      Thanks again community.



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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Jens,


          I'm not sure the community latched on to what you are talking about here.  Can you provide more detail?


          Off the top of my head, if you use a single item request and do a dropdown / validation list for that item, you can easily bring in additional data with the selection and grab the vendor from that.  Unfortunately I don't think there's an easy way to map in the price list vendor info with the list control so you'd probably have to find some way to process all that out in your workflow.


          If you can tell us more about the concept you have and the business requirements, the community may be able to offer some guidance.