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    Ivanti 2017 and Novell

    Gjstewart Specialist

      Looking for some input on how people have this mixed environment running. Come across a client with Ivanti 2017 and Novell - the agents are deployed but things are not right.


      Novell is going but its no where near completed so we have to run Ivanti in mixed.


      We see an endpoint in the console and all the icons are showing ( binoculars, html5 and remote ) however we cannot remote control and if you ping the device from the core in a cmd window it does not respond to IP or name so no DNS.


      My question is how are the icons showing? the CBA is loaded also.  what could cause that behavior? i have never seen it but then its my first mixed environment only a fraction of the machines are on the Active Directory domain.


      Also if i try and open real time inventory and monitoring on that same device i get prompted for creds by windows.


      all this is from the core to the device.

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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee

          Hey Gjstewart,


          Is it possible that you have ICMP requests blocked on your network?


          The agent status icons use LDPING to discover the devices. This basically connects to the endpoint via 9595 and requests information from the "LANDesk Management Agent" Service (ResidentAgent.exe). If the deviceID we get back from the device matches what the database has for that same device, we get the Binoculars. For HTML it connects over port 4343 and legacy remote control uses 9535, which gives us the corresponding status icons. If the core can reach the endpoints on those ports, we will get status icons. Here is a list of all our ports: About Ports used by Ivanti Endpoint Manager ( EPM ) / LANDESK Management Suite ( LDMS ) - full list


          You didn't mention a remote control error, however, this document may be helpful: Error: "Authentication Failed. Invalid Credentials or No rights to Remote Control."


          I do not get a prompt for credentials when connecting to Real-time Inventory and Monitoring for a specific machine from the core server. However, I am logged into windows using my LANDesk administrator user. Are you getting this error while logged in as your administrator?

          If not, perhaps you are seeing the prompt due to the machine being outside that users scope.

          If you check "Authentication" under the LDMS website in IIS, I only have Windows Authentication checked.


          I hope this helps explain how the agent status icons work. If you continue to have troubles with the other components, I would suggest opening a support case and provide details surrounding the above suggestions.


          Please let me know if you have any further questions.




          Chris Casity