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    Calculating two values in a request offering

    TomSemmens Rookie

      Is it possible to take numerical values in different text fields in a request offering and calculate the sum in another? For example, I wish to create a matrix where users answer four questions, each with none, low, medium or high as the answer. I want to convert these answers to a value (0, 1, 2, 3) then calculate the total score automatically in the service request.


      So far, I can convert each returned value to a number using the ToString function, but I cannot get the total score to calculate.


      I know you can use a caluclation rule in a form, but how do you do simple arithmetic in a request offering/service request?

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          lgtandi Specialist

          Try this:


          In the "Default Value" section of your calculated request parameter, select "Expression"  and enter an expression like this:


          Number(text_1) + Number(text_2) + Number(text_3)


          but replace "text_1", "text_2" and "text_3" with the Unique ID values of your request parameters holding the input for your calculation.



          Hope this helps