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    Landesk 9.5 SP2 and Lenovo P71 Help

    PatJ2014 Apprentice

      I have been trying unsuccessfully to deploy an image to a Lenovo P71 laptop that has an Intel I219-V NIC. I have tried every driver I can find. I also called into support and was told that I need to boot into UEFI mode instead of Legacy. I have tried that and keep getting a PXE-E99: Unexpected Network Error after receiving an IP address. In Legacy Mode I keep getting "Waiting for IP address". I am desperate to get this laptop imaged. Does anyone know the magical driver I will need to make this work with version 9.5 SP2? We will be getting a new server, but it is going to be a while. Thanks.

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          Aaron_Day SupportEmployee

          If memory serves, 9.5 SP2 utilized the Windows 8.1 version of WinPE - which means you'd have to find a 32 bit Windows 8.1 driver for that device if you're hoping to boot it into WinPE for imaging. I looked here at Lenovo's Support Site for this box and it looks like they only offer Windows 10 drivers.


          Intel, however, does appear to have some drivers available on their Support Site Here. You'll want to download the PROWin32.exe file for this job.


          Once you have that file, you'll want to crack it open and look for the INF files present and test those on this Lenovo device while its in WinPE. See this document here on how to do this: How To Test Drivers Compatibility Within Winpe


          Once/if you identify the INF file that gives you an IP Address, go ahead and inject that into the WinPE Image and redeploy PXE Reps. You should be good to go. If none of the INF files present give you an IP, we recommend you contact the vendor for more assistance .


          Also, regarding your issue with booting the device in UEFI mode, UEFI doesn't come with a Network Boot Menu for PXE Booting. Our PXE Rep is expecting a menu response on Version 9.5 SP2, which UEFI doesn't provide. In order to PXE Boot UEFI in this version, you'll have to schedule a template to a bare metal/previous instance of this device in the console and then PXE Boot the device. It'll pick up the job and run with it. We added a feature to the console back in the 2016 version that'll handle this sort of thing:

          Always PXE Boot UEFI.png


          Hope this helps. Good Luck!



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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Just as a clarifying point - 9.5 is eons old ... I want to say something in the region of 7-8 years or thereabouts?


            You should really look to upgrade (though, to be honest, "starting new/clean" would probably be easier, given the massive generational differences). That'll help you lots with more contemporary WinPE / and client/server OS support too. IIRC, 9.5 was pre-Win 10 I want to say ... so REALLY, really you will want  to get bumped (plus there's security considerations, etc. etc. ... long list of things).

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              PatJ2014 Apprentice

              I want to thank both of you for the information. I ended up having to manually inject the driver and use provisioning. The image deployed but did not configure. I also did that manually to get that system out of the way. For some reason, I had to manually inject the driver from a USB stick.


              We are in the process of building a new Ivanti 2018 server and plan to start from scratch. I know it is going to be a steep learning curve for us as we have been doing OSD for years and only used provisioning a couple of times. Thanks.





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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                There's a bunch of stuff on the community itself that you can use - BKM's, How-to-s ... and so on.


                But there's also the MOMENTUM video based webinar recordings here - Momentum On-Demand Webinars .


                Two that may be of use / interest for instance are:


                It's a VERY powerful thing - you'll like it once you get your head around it.


                Also, you *CAN* use provisioning for "just deploying software" (usually something that's desirable if you have very complicated software deployments), so it's not JUST about getting OS'es down.

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                  PatJ2014 Apprentice

                  Thank you so much. We will definitely check these out.