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    Create a CI SLA which could override Default SLT

    Decal303 Apprentice

      Customer has asked that i look into using a  hierarchy-based SLA model:

      e.g a Priority 1 Incident is created for Employee A , who has a Platinum level SLA. Employee A's SLA dictates that a Priority 1 Incident should be resolved within 30 minutes. However, they are  is calling to report a problem with the E-Mail Server, which utilizes the Primary Server SLA.

      The Primary Server SLA dictates that for a Priority 1 Incident, it must be resolved within an hour. Since the Configuration Item’s SLA is higher in the hierarchy schema, the Incident utilizes it instead of the Customer’s SLA (even though the Customer’s SLA would result in a shorter time to resolution).


      Anyone implemented this in ISM before?