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    ayoub.sefy Rookie

      Hi There ,


      I am new to the world of ivanti , and i just have a little problem !:!


      i pushed some adobe patch yesterday , and i have some users that complain of adobe problem


      i want to uninstall the patches from the console but the option is grayed !!!


      Is there any way to uninstall them from the consol !!!!


      Hope get answer


      Thank youuu

          michail.filonov SupportEmployee

          Hello ayoub.sefy,


          As the Uninstall option is Greyed out it means that Distributor of the Product Adobe have removed this option from the patch, as this option might break the Application.


          Please provide information which patch you have deployed that caused this issue, that will help me to find any solutions if possible.


          I would suggest to Create a case with Ivanti Support for this issue to check if there are no Defects with the patch itself.



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            seattleman1969 SupportEmployee

            Best practice in a scenario such as this is to check the Uninstall Registry Keys for information on the product you are looking for and create a custom definition that uninstalls the product.

            The following locations depending on the framework of the OS and Application:





            Then follow this document to create the custom definition:


            How To: Create a Custom Vulnerability Definition in Patch and Compliance Manager


            Place the Uninstall string in the "Install" section of the def. Set your file detection to reflect "Not present or installed" for whatever attribute you target (Usually for Adobe Products I use the Product GUID which should be in the uninstall string in the registry entry, for example from my machine for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC the uninstall string in the registry is:


            MsiExec.exe /I {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AC0F074E4100} where "{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AC0F074E4100}" is the product GUID.


            It should be noted that this "uninstall" string does not actually uninstall, it is set to install "/I", thanks Adobe! the proper syntax would be /x for uninstall, and "/qn /x" for quiet, no interface, uninstall. All of these are Microsoft msiexec.exe standard switches.

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              JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

              Have you tried creating a script or Action to uninstall the patch via the Microsoft method? Uninstalling Patches | Microsoft Docs


              Mainly using msi exec  product ID with the mispatchremove function like this: Msiexec /I {0C9840E7-7F0B-C648-10F0-4641926FE463} MSIPATCHREMOVE={EB8C947C-78B2-85A0-644D-86CEEF8E07C0} /qb