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    Copy Tasks Quick Action

    daniel_tfg Apprentice

      Hi All


      I'm in need of your expertise once more.


      We currently have a quick action in our Change module that clones an existing change to a new change. (Copy Change To Change).

      The tasks from the existing change do not get copied across.  The requirement is when the change is cloned, new cloned tasks are created.


      I did some research and could only find the below post but I must be honest it hasn't helped me much.


      Does anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this?  Ideally I would the new tasks to be automatically created in the when the cloned change is created.


      Link to article I found below:


      How to copy a task?


      Thanks once more for any assistance.

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Daniel,


          I found this in the KB whiel searching for "clone with child".  I think it addresses your need?


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            IJU Expert

            Hello Daniel


            when cloning the Change you could set a boolean field to "true" which then triggers a "Triggered Action" which runs a "Run for Child" on all the cloned tasks and resets their owner fields, Status and the such. Keep in mind to make an exception to any "final status" Business Rule in task, because most of the tasks might be in a final state. Or create a Editing Rule on the Task.Assignment which looks like the following:


            On Change of: ParentLink_Category

            Change: Status (or whatever field)


            $(if ParentLink_Category == "Change" AND [Change#.]BooleanFieldThatChangeIsCloned == true then "Logged" else "Status")


            Kind regards


            Immanuel Jungheim



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