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    Automate PXE Boot to Deploy Image

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      We are just switching over to Ivanti Endpoint and one of the main features I am utilizing is the provisioning. I got the PXE Rep and DHCP setup (they are separate machines) and working so I can now PXE boot to deploy an image. However, the first two PCs I PXE booted seemed to automatically grab a template and image without the prompt for credentials, and selecting a template etc. so I was confused but, ultimately I would like to have that automation in place and customizable. I have searched all over the help and website with no luck in finding how to control this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


      Summary: I would like to automate PXE booting/image deployment but can't find where to automate the credentials and template selection after the initial PXE boot.

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          RobLent Specialist

          So if PXE booting is up and working then you would normally create your new PC in the console in Bare Metal Devices under Configuration in the navigation tree.


          Then once done schedule a template that you wish to provision to that device and drag the device onto your scheduled task.


          Then start the task.. Power on the device and it should pick up your scheduled task and apply the template.


          Those are the basics of provisioning, at least that is how we do it.

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            To add a little to the above explanation.


            The credentials are prompted for only upon "hey - this machine doesn't have anything to work down ... someone's booting it into PXE - so let's make sure they're supposed to be able to do this & don't just nuke their machine accidentally"-type safeguard. ('cos you know ... end-users ... ).


            So if you have a record for a device (be it bare-metal or an exciting inventory record ...) and schedule that against a task (doesn't matter if it fails), that's called "PXE pre-targeting".


            Essentially, each time that a PXE rep sees a PXE request, it checks with the Core "Hey - boss ... I saw AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF ... do I need to do anything?" ... and the Core checks whether said MAC-address has any jobs pending against it.

            • If *NO*, then "proceed as normal" (and if they boot into PXE, they'll need to enter credentials).
            • If *YES*, then it'll auto-boot into the relevant mode (i.e. "WinPE or "let it boot into Windows") and work down it's alloted job (without needing to enter credentials).


            For a bit of help with Provisioning & troubleshooting and such, check out also this -- [Tech Brief On-Demand Webinar 2016] Provisioning with LANDESK Management Suite .


            Does that help make sense of things?

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              CMulca Rookie

              Thanks for the clarification guys. We are moving from WDS which always did pose that risk of a PC being accidently reimaged so this makes sense. I'll have to look into inventory records too, seems useful. Appreciate the feedback.

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                Happy to help.


                Never forget that an inventory file is "just a text file", so you can pre-load your server with bare-metal records of new hardware coming in & assign them a provisioning task ... and when they'll eventually show up on the network, they'll go straight to working it off.


                There's a lot to learn, so don't be shy in asking.