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    Staging behaving differently than UAT; both identical copies from Prod

    ChristaMcChancy Rookie

      I have an unusual situation happening within my tenants. I have copied my Prod over to my Staging and UAT tenants. I created a package in Staging, exported it and imported it to UAT. Was testing the changes when I started to think my SLA's weren't functioning properly in UAT so I went back to Staging to test my changes. In staging my SLA targets will not generate but if I refresh my screen enough in UAT I see the SLA clocks running as they should. I stop the Escalation engine on my test server but didn't see a change in behavior with Staging. I then cleared the App Cache and did an IIS reset but this did not resolve my issue.

      My Staging and UAT tenants reside on my test server and my Prod environment has 2 app servers and 2 web servers.

      Has anyone experienced similar behavior? I have not restarted my test server and I would go this route it both UAT and Staging were functioning the same.

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Christa,


          I want to be sure we all understand the situation and also distill it to it's basic elements.  Is the following correct?

          -STG and UAT share a server

          -You have recently refreshed both from production

          -You have restarted the Escalation engine on that server as well as IIS reset it

          -Escalation watch records are present on newly created records in one tenant, but not the other


          Is that all right?  I'm not sure I've seen anything of that nature persist after a restart of the service engine.  It sounds like you are on premise.  Which version are you running?  Does this issue span all objects that use the escalation engine in the problem tenant or is it just one?


          Have you logged a support case for this?  It seems appropriate as you've got a situation where things aren't working.  If you can include any logs you see for the Escalation service on the server, that would help.