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    How do you hide a tab in the form?

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      Not as an expression, but not there at all, so an analyst is unable to create a problem from the incident ticket

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          I'll move this to the Ivanti Service Management space so you can get an answer for this request.

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            maybe I don't understand your question but from what I know there is only 3 ways of tempering with the visibility of a child panel in the form view of a layout:


            1. Use the column "hidden expression" and set it to true or use an expression.

            2. Use the column "initially hidden" and set it to true. But then it still can be accessed via the green plus sign of the right side of the layout. Not what you asked for I guess

            3. Delete the child panel by using the red X. Or clone the layout, delete the child panel from that copied layout and assign that layout to the specific role.


            There's really no other way known to me.


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