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    Ivanti EPM 2018.1 current experiences

    karlehenry Apprentice

      Good Afternoon,


      I wanted to start a friendly discussion on everyone's experiences with Ivanti 2018.1 so far.  I am wondering if the problems we are having are an issue with an unknown bug (which i highly doubt) or something else on our end.


      Currently our problem is random, but templates fail to deploy usually on the Deployment of packages stage of the template.  But a template that takes normally say 2 hours to run, now takes 5 or more hours to run and most of the time fails.  It seems to be completely random (location based).  Our network team states that they see nothing wrong.  We do have an active case open and working with support, but wanted feedback from anyone using 2018.1.


      Our other experiences so far are with Network Map:  Even though we are not discovering over WAP but the agent discovered all nodes from our laptop devices from our wireless subnets.  It also discovered users home networks and added them to our network MAP and not sure how we can remove that.  i haven't contacted support about this as our other issue is more important.  For the time being we disabled Network mapping.


      Another possible issue is with PXE Booting.  I had PXE booting working in 2017.3 and since upgrading to 2018.1 I seem to not be able to detect a PXE rep on the subnet.  Again becuase of the other issue, I have not looked into this at this time.


      Outside of that, everything else seems to be going great.


      So that being said, what have your experiences been?

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          Rick.Smith1 Expert

          karlehenry Can't yet speak much to it. Just now getting 2018.1 setup in a test environment, but only because I need to get a head start before the 2018.3 release in the next few weeks. But I'll be monitoring this thread as well.

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            karlehenry Apprentice

            I wanted to give an update to anyone who was following this:


            PXE is working and seemed to be a problem with or old switches.  Our network department recently upgraded our switches and things are working again.


            Our Deployment problem shave proven to be another in house netowrking problem which seems to now have been resolved.  We worked with Support, who was great by the way, and determined there seems to be nothing wrong with our Ivanti EPM environment.


            So long story short, it appears that our only concern is that Network Mapping is working too well.