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    Setting up a local data import (Service Desk 2017.3)

    DavidNettleship Rookie

      First of all apologies if this question is rather basic/been asked before, I'm quite a new user of Service Desk...


      I'm having some trouble creating a local data connection to import a list of Configuration Items from an excel spreadsheet to Service Desk.


      I've been following this guide [LINK] but am having trouble "defining the import"...


      I am receiving this error:

      Import Issues.png


      I Googled the error message and found this page [LINK] which seems to suggest that the "test connection" is expecting to find a 32-bit machine, my PC is 64-bit however...


      Would this issue be fixed by changing some configuration file?



      Another thing that might be worthy of note. I checked some other excel data connections on my Service Desk implementation left by my predecessor, these point to data sources not on my local machine nor on the application/database servers.

      Could it be possible that the "C" drive referred to in the Data Source field is on a different machine entirely?

      If so, how could I go about locating it?


      Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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          Hi David,


          Yes this is a common but difficult error.

          When you install Excel on your PC you install it often in 32 bits as it is advised by Microsoft.

          But when you use ServiceDesk Console you must have AccessDatabaseEngine of same version (32 bits/64 bits) than your console.

          So try to start the other console located in C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDESK\Service Desk\Console

          You have here console.exe and console64.exe Only one can access to your Excel file. It depends of Excel version (or AccesDataEngine version) you installed.




          Laurent Dané