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    scan handler


      need assistance with TE Scan handler please. would like to read any label with 12 characters. if ends on "U" reads all label. if not ends on "U" delete last 4 characters.

      so far I was able to delete last 4 digits A(12)[SE4].

      Thanks in Advance

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          thomas.enright SupportEmployee



          I don't believe a scan handler will work here for you as there is no way to say do this to every barcode but this quickly.  You would need a separate scan handler for every digit and letter except U.


          An example would be: A(12){12,A}[SE4]


          That would strip the last four characters from any barcode of 12 characters where the 12th character is the letter A. You would end up with 35 different scan handlers.


          A quicker way would be to use a script, and that would flow through your sales contact for professional services if you needed help with developing one.