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    Many HP computers are not getting warranty information

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      I have an Ivanti environment with over 1,000 machines and half of them have warranty information appearing and half of them have no warranty information appearing (Warranty Expiration Date). I checked DTS (Data Translation Services) and found a option for HP Warranty under Web import and configured it with the URL HP Product Warranty Check for Laptops, Printers & Other Products | HP® Customer Support and this works by opening the URL in 'Managed Planet Web Pull' however when trying to get the warranty information it comes with the message "Terminated web pull due to timeout" and then constantly retries. I can go to the URL manually and get the warranty information however this would take far too long with the amount of machines I have. Does anyone have any ideas on why half the machines don't display the HP warranty information and half of them do? Also does anyone know why the web pull would timeout?


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