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    Unable to connect to the remote server

    DheerajMeher Rookie

      I have checked Policysync.exe.log file contain "Unable to connect to the remote server" error on multiple client systems. Those systems are not able to download and install MS patches where we are facing this error. I have attached the screenshot of error.


      Any resolution for this issue?



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          gregory.berroa SupportEmployee

          Hi DheerajMeher,


          Reference the following document regarding how to resolve this issue:

          Issue: PolicySync Fails with Error 503 Server Unavailable


          Open up a ticket with support if you have any questions.


          Best Regards,



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            DheerajMeher Rookie

            Hi Gregory.Berroa,


            Thanks for your suggestion.


            I have run BrockerConfig.exe test on the systems where I am facing this issue. But it was failed to connect core server. So I have reinstall the Ivanti agent on those machines and test the communication again which was succeed.


            could you let us know the reason behind breaking the communication between core and client system. How can we find out those systems which are not able to communicate with core server?



            Dheeraj Meher

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Short version - you'll want to talk to support about that.


              There's a bunch of possibilities as to the "why" ... starting from "something in the agent install didn't go right" to "you put the wrong certificate down" to all manner of things. There's a lot of possibilities (a fair few of which have little to nothing to do with us, such as "IIS on the Core was dying at the time" for instance) that there's no single (or even "a small handful") reason for this.


              If this is something you're seeing a lot of, you'll want to work with support / your EPM partner & get to the root of it (whether it's a config issue or something else).