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    Software Audit

    wmorse Apprentice

      Hope I am in the right place, I have been tasked with coming up with a Software Audit process where I can quickly determine if any of our machines have unapproved software installed.  My first thought was iVanti should be able to help me complete this task. We have a lot of "In-House" applications so I am thinking that a Query in iVanti might just be the ticket but can't seem to get there. I was thinking of querying the Computer|Software|Add or Remove  Programs|Programs and compare that to a list of "approved" software and return any machine that has something installed that wasn't on the list.  The problem with this approach is first the Computer|Software|Add or Remove  Programs|Programs in inventory includes every update and I don't need that information. Second I cannot seem to find a spot to have a built in list of approved software.  Since we have a lot of "In-House" applications I don't think Software monitoring would help with my task.


      Has anyone out there come up with a solution similar to what I am trying to accomplish?




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          carlos Expert

          You can try creating a query:

          Software-->Program--> Name.

          In the right you'll see a list of all canned programs installed in all your environment, select the Ones approved using the 'Not like" filter.

          The result should be the ones that are not approved



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            wmorse Apprentice

            Thanks Carlos, I tried that but the query would just get to big with "Not like This" and Not like this" and so on. Especially with all the updates and Service packs and all. It would be nice to query just software names.  With Office installed we have the suite listed and then each component of the suite (IE. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .... ) along with all the updates to each component.  I just want to know the suite version along with the other software.

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              carlos Expert

              That's the only way I can think of, remember that you can use * to include an entire group, for example if Adobe is approved, the list will show you all versions installed, you can do not like *Adobe* and so on.

              I think that no matter what method you use, you'll have to select at one point or another what you want and what you don't.


              Edit: You may also try Software License Monitoring, haven't use it myself so can't really help you on the if or how.

              I think you can check all Installed products, filter by manufacturer etc, find the ones you don't approve and show all PCs out of compliance.


              Good luck.

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