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    Provisioning stops during agent install

    edchap13 Rookie

      Hello all,


      I have been working on creating a provisioning template from scratch for our Windows 10 image and I am so close, but still coming across an issue.


      The template images the machine with the wim perfectly, injects the unattend file (the ld default unattend). The only modifications to the unattend are my KMS key and an Auto logon section which logs into the only local user on the image.


      Once the machine finishes its oobe loading screen, it auto logs into the local profile. YESSSS!


      Then, nothing continues. The ld Provisioning window never pops up to complete the rest of the tasks in the template. The ldprovisiong folder is still in the C drive, rather than being deleted.


      Under the ldprovisioning folder, there are two log files, Confighandler.log and ldprovision log. I have attached them to this post for reference.



      config handler:

      2018-10-23 17:47:50(6604-6600) ConfigHandler.exe:Attempting traditional agent install.

      2018-10-23 17:47:50(6604-6600) ConfigHandler.exe:LDLogon Path: \\BHLD1\ldlogon

      2018-10-23 17:47:50(6604-6600) ConfigHandler.exe:Mapping drive using preferred server credentials

      2018-10-23 17:47:51(6604-6600) ConfigHandler.exe:going to execute \\BHLD1\ldlogon\wscfg32.exe /f /L /NOUI /NOREBOOT /C="Install Agent.ini"



      ldprovision ends with:


      2018-10-23 17:47:50(804-5048) ldProvision.exe:The file (c:\ldprovisioning\ConfigHandler.sig) was successfully downloaded

      2018-10-23 17:47:50(804-5048) ldProvision.exe:Done with download handler.

      2018-10-23 17:47:50(804-5048) ldProvision.exe:Launching action handler [ConfigHandler.exe] with parameters ["]

      No user logged in, change CurrentTokenWithInteraction to CurrentToken






      At this point on my management console, the template history shows a Blue ? icon next to the agent installation task and my script which should occur after that. (pic attached)



      On the machine, I mapped and ran  \\BHLD1\ldlogon\wscfg32.exe /f /L /NOUI /NOREBOOT /C="Install Agent.ini" under my Landesk admin domain credentials which started the installation silently, and ran an inventory scan.


      The device appears in my management console with the correct name, however It appears as offline.


      The provisioning task never completes and I am at a loss for why this is occurring. Any ideas?