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    Inject Script Action fails in WinPE

    Klaus Salger Expert

      Hi all,


      I'm currently testing EPM OS provisioning in our test lab but fail when trying to use "inject script" or "scripted install" actions.

      I made a simple test provisioning template that contains actions for "partition" in the Pre-OS installation phase and "map drive to preferred server" and "inject script" in OS installation.

      Inject script should generate a very simple text file without any variables.

      The template contains just the standard variables. There are a couple of public variables that are not used in the template.

      While the first 2 work without problems when being started using PXE on a VM on Hyper-V 2016, inject script fails and the task returns code 1163.

      The core is an Endpoint Manager 2018.1 with a local SQL express on W2k16.


      I attach the provisioning.log from the core and the ldProvision.log and InjectScriptHandler.log from the client along with the my test template.xml.


      Are there any known problems?

      Things to check?

      Any hints how to proceed with troubleshooting?


      Thanks in advance


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          Klaus Salger Expert

          OK, found the problem: the public variable "corename" was missing.

          I deleted this variable when I created a set of new variables for my templates.


          This was difficult to solve because

          • it's possible to delete the variable from the system - no warning
          • the variable has not been used in my templates - no visible trace of it
          • the logs do not mention anything concerning a missing variable


          I think it would be well possible to log a message saying which variable is missing.

          Ivanti, are you listing?