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    Core Server Alerting Question

    jpozucek Apprentice

      I trying to understand how the "Core alert ruleset" functions on EPM 2018.1. 


      This statement confuses me on the Description of "Core alert ruleset":


      "Defines rules for alerts which are generated on the core. This ruleset is not manually deployed to clients." .  Does this mean it should not be added to the "Selected Configurations" for my Default Alert Agent Setting or are they already in place and functioning? 


      Also there is one in the "Core alert ruleset" list that I would like to perform an email action on ... "Inventory Server - Database Maintenance Performed" .  It's already listed with a "log handler configuration" Action.  I wanted to create the Alert with an Email Action to send an email when Maintenance is performed.  I clicked the "New" button but "Inventory Server - Database Maintenance Performed"  is not anywhere in the Alert list I can choose from.  There are not any listings for "inventory Server" at all ... where do they come from?  I can clone the Alert but I can't change the action.


      Another question is what log file is the "log handler configuration" action looking at. 


      Alerting has always been confusing and the documentation is definitely lacking.