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    Start Task for designated machines w/o touching active ones

    RZimmer Apprentice

      Hello together!


      I am currently trying to provision bare metal machines and have a problem with the way tasks are being activated.

      Either I don't fully understand how tasks work or it's a bug.

      Here is my problem:


      Once I have added a bare metal machine by using the MAC as identifier, I drag it onto the OS deployment task. Then, I right-click the task and go to "run now - all".

      I boot the machine via PXE and the deployment immediately starts.

      Now I add another bare metal machine and drag it onto the deployment task as well. That new machine is now in waiting mode. When I click on "run now - devices that didn't try to run the task", the newly

      created machine goes active and the currently running one is reverted to waiting and a second provisioning try is created in provisioning history, which leads to failure.


      Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Or is there another way to start task for newly added devices?

      Currently using 2018.1.


      Any help is appreciated.