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    Easy HII


      I thought I would share my method for HII. It is a simplified version of anything I found when I was trying to get HII working. It may help some people and others may have a way to improve it.


      Basically you capture a sysprepped image with no drivers installed.

      Create a template to deploy this image but before the PV agent is installed copy the drivers for that particular PC off a network share and onto the PC


      Attached is a step by step guide.


      Any Feedback is welcome

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          Have you seen Jan Buelen's "Hardware Independent Imaging - rev 9.1"? This has helped me a lot (and I am sure countless many others).


          I am having problem configuring PCs with AMD + NVidia components (Lenovo A60) where the base Image was created on a PC with Intel components. I do not know, at this point, if it is even relevant, but one of your steps...

          Remove driver location details from reg key [hklm\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\devicepath]

          ...may be helpful. I'll test and post back.


          Anyway, my problem is, I am getting BSOD with 7E code (or 7B, very hard to read on the split-second Blue Screen) after post image reboot (before Mini Setup). I suspect it is related to non-Intel SATA controller (MSD) driver. ...but I'll put my question on a new post.



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            Just so happens, somebody else went through this in the last few days, worked out what was causing the BSOD 7E and published the solution in this article.