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    EPM Patching questions

    EZ Apprentice

      Are there any features for SQL DB patching? Is it cluster aware?

      Does it patch Wordpress?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          We have SQL Server packs and patches as part of patch content. So if need be, you can use that to deploy it out & such.


          However, SQL Servers tend to be "high risk" infrastructure, and I'd be surprised if (m?)any DBA would not prefer to do this with more control (bringing down database, etc) ... it *CAN* be done automatically ... (and no, we're not SQL Cluster aware - it's just "install patch X on endpoint Y" and it's up to you to know / be aware of potential impact).


          It's a fine thing for people's dev labs & such ... but I personally tend to promote treating handling of certain crucial infrastrucute as a high-risk operation, and thus this requiring proper outage processess, checklists, and all that.


          You *CAN* do it automatically ... up to everyone individually whether they think it's a good idea (I don't personally, but I'm a paranoid sort & prefer to handle high-risk infrastructure with a lot of respect).

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