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    EPM Packaging / Imaging

    EZ Apprentice

      I received the following technical questions from a university interested in using EPM for lab provisioning. Your help / guidance would be greatly appreciated as i dont speak this lingo...


      • Does it get the latest drivers and when
      • After PXEBOOT how is it sharing: SMB?
      • Will it relabel machines post image
      • How does it handle large packages
        • Package timeouts
        • some image files range between 6 -20 Gig. Example: Lab views & Matlab
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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So a few points to help along.


          • You can / anyone get a few ideas / thoughts on how to build an  image "for success" from a Webinar I hosted in 2016 here -- [Tech Brief On-Demand Webinar 2016] Provisioning with LANDESK Management Suite .
          • It doesn't "get the latest drivers" unless that's how you/they provision their image (and I'd advise AGAINST that). I'd advocate for "find / get a set of drivers that WORK" ... and use THOSE.

            This is ESPECIALLY true for sensitive items (USB, Networking, Video) ... "get them to work first", since you want to be able to load your app-stack in the first place. You can THEN use other means (such as patch manager, for instance, if need be) to update them ... after the "device is ready" as it were. There's a LOT of ways to spin this.
          • It's Windows 10 PE connecting to SMB ... how / why is this a question beyond that? It's however Windows 10 PE does SMB ... (though I'd personally recommend using HTTP shares, due to greatly reduced authentication headaches). Plus - SMB is "pretty abd" as a file transfer protocol, amusingly .
          • Provisioning can be configured to behave in pretty much any way you want it. We can either come up with a new name or - usually preferred - re-use the "old name" for a device that was provisioned. Again a "chose your own adventure" type of option.
          • Provisioning uses our software distribution tech -- so peer download, multicast, preferred servers ... all of that is doable. Usually the problems are not our tech but "the networking environment". I wouldn't be profoundly worried about deploying a 6 GB (or larger) image.

            It may take a while to get there obviously ... (hint: suggest to make sure they have a decent networking driver for the Win PE stage ... that would be a bad time to find out that "their hardware" decides to run on 10 Mbit with Half Duplex ... but "it'll get there" eventually, shy of network disconnects / network issues.


          ... you may want to get in touch with an Ivanti Sales person for stuff like this, they can help put you in touch with technical pre-sales folks who can talk "in better context" with such situations directly, as generic answers only go so far and a lot of universities tend to have "historical peculiarities" that they may be OK owning up to in a private conversation but not so much publicly, for understandable reasons.


          Hope that helps?

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